The Best Way to Get a New Puppy

The Dark Reality of the Puppy Business.

Now that we have decided to get a new dog, it was time to look into logistics. Maui was given to us, so we didn't have to worry about where he came from. He didn't have papers as he doesn't have a pedigree, but I really don't care about it. I care about vaccinations mostly, and if the dog has any medical conditions. 

As I looked into the ways I could get a new puppy, I learned about something horrible. Puppy mills. The worst part is I didn't see how bad it was until I went into one. 

When I first went into the internet, the best, and most agreed way to get a new pup is to adopt. The easiest way is to contact the local rescue organization and ask where I can adopt one. The problem is, we don't have anywhere I live. I have to travel to the next city. They do have a social media page where I can see the dogs currently for adoption, so we looked at it, and should we not find another way, we will go to the animal shelter. They do have one dog I kept my eye on. 

Another idea is to find dog owners in my area, as some of them breed as a side hustle. They still take care of both the puppy and their parents. I messaged Vangie where she got Clara, but she answered that it was given to her, and she has to contact who she got it from. 

I asked my vet and he told me to adopt as well. He has some contacts and will let me know when one of them replies. It seems that the current state of events affected the puppy business as well. 

I went into the social media space to see if I can find anyone nearby. Eventually, one contacted me that was just a good bike ride away. She has certain small breeds available, including mini pinchers. She showed me current pictures and I decided to give them a visit to see the dogs up close. Maybe I'll look into one of their eyes and see a "spark". 

After a good 20-minute bike ride that was mostly downhill, and the sheer ease of navigation using automated, voiced, map software, I reached the place. Immediately, I smelled the combined odor of wet dog and dog pee. I know I'm in the right place. I knocked, and I heard a lot of dogs barking, but something about some of the barks seemed off.

A woman answered and the first thing she asked was why I decided to visit instead of an online arrangement. That's questionable behavior at best, but I said I'm the type that wants to see the puppy I want to buy because I want to check for any potential aggressive behavior when they first see me. If anything, being loud and aggressive toward me is acceptable behavior, because that's what I want. 

When I went inside, it looked pretty much like her main business is breeding. There were sacks upon sacks of adult dog foods and one food bowl was filled with a mix of them, so at least the dogs here have a somewhat balanced diet. 

She led me into the yard where I saw a lot of cages stacked on each other, each cage had three dogs apart from the cages where it's just one dog alongside their newborn puppies. There was a drum of water beside them with a dipper, which I guess is where she gets the water. I felt a little sorry for the dogs as the cages were a little small. I hope they are let out once in a while. 

I was then led to another part of the yard where I saw a squared-off set of baby gates where a lot of mini pinchers are settled, but as soon as they saw me, they started barking, and I was horrified. It sounded like they all lost their voices and the barks were nothing more than strained breaths. I asked about this and apparently, this batch of puppies had their voice boxes operated on so they won't be noisy. I acted cold about it and asked if it was reversible, but she said it wasn't. These puppies were muted. I could stomach tail docking, as it doesn't affect their lives all that much, but taking away their voice, so that they would be less noisy is cruel. I wanted to take one so I could somehow save one of them, but the only way to stop this is to cut it as close to the source as possible. I told her politely, that I don't want a silenced Mini Pin, and that I'm not interested in any of her other dogs. After a firm but polite goodbye, I left and digested what I have just seen. 

I'm not entirely sure, but I think that was a small-time puppy mill. If the owner had these Mini Pins operated on, then the business might be going well. I could be wrong, but seeing those puppies, I'd rather just move on. I wish I took a video, but I was too shocked. 

After sharing with my wife what I just witnessed, the appeal of adoption was increasing, but Vangie replied to us and told us about another social media group where her relative got the puppy. This time, I spoke to the person and asked if this was a side business or a main business. They explained that they happen to own two female mini-pincher pets, and they hired a stud for both for a small profit, and to keep a pup. Unfortunately, the pups they have are still too young and are reserved. They say there is plenty of time to consider as the people who reserved them could back out as it happened before, and it will take 8 months before they can be sold. We're not willing to wait for something not guaranteed. 

Which leaves us with the best option. It's now a matter of preparing for them and going to the animal shelter. 


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