About Us

Welcome to Pet Resolve, providers of premium dog training products made to last. At Pet Resolve we pride ourselves on developing the highest quality products and offering them to customers at a fair price just above cost. This is our philosophy, giving back to our customers by using the best raw materials so that we can deliver products we trust and our customers can trust too.

Our mission from the start was very simple, to provide an affordable solution that actually works. We found that there are 2 types of companies that provide dog training collars, the cheap ones that don’t work or last longer than a few weeks. Then the super expensive ones that work but are unaffordable for most. Once we saw this was the case we decided to produce our own premium products that solve the quality and cost issue for all.

This discovery came about after spending a small fortune on collars that busted within a few months and provided no warranty resulting in another purchase. We then purchased a high end product that lasted a couple of years, but was so expensive having 3 dogs. We couldn’t find a happy medium that provided a quality product we could trust at a price we could afford. We also wanted something that came with a warranty in case something went wrong. This is what we decided to create.

We are proud of what we have created at Pet Resolve and would welcome you as another happy customer!